Tuesday March 3, 2015

Scrapys Appliance Recycling service of Lincoln, NE accepts all forms of household and commercial appliances including but not limited to:


Washersrecycle appliances



Microwave Ovens ($10.00 Disposal Fee)


Water Heaters

Dish Washers

Trash Compactors

Refridgerators ($5.00 FREON fee)

Freezers ($5.00 FREON fee)

Window AC Units ($5.00 FREON Fee)

Home AC Units ($5.00 FREON Fee)




All appliances are accpted and recycled at no charge with the exception of Microwave Ovens and items containing FREON. Items containing FREON such as Freezers/Refridgerators and AC units are subject to a $5 per piece FREON removal fee. Microwave Ovens are subject to $10 disposal fee.  The FREON fee is used to pay a licensed professional to reclaim the CFCs from these appliances for safe disposal or reuse, either way keeping them safely away from being released into the atmosphere. We at Scrapys are glad to facilitate the recycling of all your household appliances in order to preserve the enviornment and save resourses.  We also recycle many other items as you will find on other pages of this web site.

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